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Sprung 2020 Cancelled

With over 1000 people RSVPed for Sprung 2020, we do not feel confident in our ability to keep our attendees safe in an indoor environment. Even if we could provide the recommended guidelines for capacity and social distancing (it would not have been possible at any previous Sprung event due to our large attendee turnouts) and even if we required everyone to wear face coverings, we would still not be able to provide the unique experience Weekend Reunion events are known for. As a sex-positive BDSM event Sprung demands a level of intimacy and closeness that 2020 is not affording any of us. We also cannot say with any certainty whether we can provide safe hotel accommodations.

Therefore, we have decided to cancel Sprung 2020.

If you booked a room within the Sprung block your hotel reservation will be automatically cancelled by the hotel. If you made reservations outside of the Sprung block, you will need to call the hotel now to cancel.

We will continue to base future scheduling decisions on science and we will always choose to err on the side of safety. Stay healthy, stay safe.